Forex Scanner, Real Time Screening Signals For 28 Pairs

Forexearlywarning has a real time forex scanner that uses currency strength to screen 28 pairs for live entry signals. It also has a built-in alert system that is visible on the web and mobile devices. This forex scanner system requires no programming and is ready use when you login to our website.

Why Would A Trader Use A Forex Scanner

Most forex traders trade the same pairs over and over, scalping on the smaller time frames. If a trader could have a tool like a forex scanner to scan 28 currency pairs and point them to the best opportunities in the market, the success rate would rise, they would use this tool daily and have a chance to make substantially more pips.

We have seen several forex market scanners or market analyzers and we believe that this is the best forex scanner available. This is because this scanner is based on parallel and inverse analysis and currency strength trading principles. Our forex scanner software is built-in to our website, and runs all of the time during forex market hours. It also has fully redundant backup systems, so there is absolutely no programming needed by the end user, just plug and play.

Our forex scanner is called The Forex Heatmap®. It works for 8 currencies and 28 pairs total. Here is one example trade based on a scan of the CAD pairs. The scanner sees that the CAD (Canadian Dollar) is weak on all pairs. Because the CAD is weak, it points you to the USD/CAD for a buy or the CAD/JPY for a sell. It works the same way for a total of 8 currencies and 28 pairs which are most actively traded and most liquid.

Forex Scanner

Forex Scanner

This forex screener/analyzer software  has a simple display and user interface, and price movement creates the scanner signals.

Forex Scanner Real Time

Forex Scanner Real Time

Because of the CAD weakness, the CAD/JPY sells off in the main session around 120 pips. This type of movement allows traders to enter the trade, set stops to break even and continue to monitor the trade if you are trading in the direction of the major trends on this pair. Traders can also scale out profitable lots.

Besides a Forex Market Scanner, What Other Tools Do Traders Need

Along with a real time forex scanner, traders need a simple set of trend indicators, so they can know the direction of the major trends on the pair they are considering trading. Traders would also need one or more alert systems to complete their trading system. We offer all of these tools at Forexearlywarning, along with the heatmap scanner.

If you are a forex trader and are looking for a real time forex market scanner that gives accurate trading signals for 28 pairs, the heatmap should work well for most traders. Precision trading and real time scanning of the forex market is now possible.

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