Metatrader Profiles For Individual Currency Analysis

This video will show traders how to set up metatrader profiles for easy analysis of individual currencies. This will enable traders to group pairs by individual currency, following the principles of parallel inverse analysis. Setting up a metatrader profile for individual currencies mimics The Forex Heatmap® and our forex market analysis spreadsheet.

You can set up each currency group of 7 pairs in one MT4 profile. Set up one profile for the USD pairs, one profile for the JPY pairs, one profile for the AUD pairs, etc. Then you can access each metatrader profiles template quickly with one mouse click for analyzing an individual currency across 7 pairs. Setting your trend indicators up this way allows you to see the market movements if a particular currency is consistently strong or weak. If the Euro is strong, for example, you can see at a glance if all of the EUR pairs are moving higher. Following the logic of the market is easier with this setup. This is the best MT4 chart template available to forex traders, because you will always know why a group of pairs is moving up or down.

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