Metatrader Profiles For Individual Currency Analysis

This video will show traders how to set up metatrader MT4 profiles for easy analysis of individual currencies. This type of chart setup is very important to test with your trading for use with the Forexearlywarning trading system. With the metatrader profiles you will be able to look at 7 charts on one screen at a time on any time frame,. This will open your eyes to the pips very fast and maximize your profits. This chart setup highly recommended for all of our clients andwill provide you with a lifetime of pips.

Trade Entries Chart Setup – After setting up the metatrader profiles you will be able to navigate quickly through the charts, 7 at a time. For trade entries you will be able to look at the lower time frames like the M5, M15, or M30 to manage your trade entries. All 7 charts will have one common currency. This chart setup will mimic the mimic The Forex Heatmap®.

Metatrader Profiles Trade Entries Setup

Metatrader Profiles Trade Entries Setup

This is The Forex Heatmap® live trading signals for the JPY pairs, showing consistent JPY weakness, your charts will be set up the same way for consistency withh all 7 JPY pairs together on the same screen

Metatraders Profiles Charts

Metatraders Profiles Charts

Much easier to see the pips in your trade entries by viewing the smaller time frames all grouped together like this to match the heatmap live indicator signals. Then you can switch to the JPY pairs on the higher time frames to see if you should stay in the trade due to strong trends. In a tight ranging market you can just exit any JPY pair buy as an intraday trade or daytrade.

Market Analysis Chart Setup –  Then set up the metatrader profiles for the higher time frames, like the H4, D1 and W1. This chart setup will mimic our forex market analysis spreadsheet. Filling out the spreadsheet will be easier with this setup and you will clearly see what currencies are strong or weak, trending or not trending,  and moving the market.

The video below is for setting up the Metatrader Profiles. However, traders can use any charting platform, including web based forex charting systems, as long as the are set up on the same time frame by individual currency.

Video Content – This video will show you how to set up 7 charts on one screen for any time frame. All 7 charts will have one common currency in each pair. Example: You can set up all of the EUR pairs on the shorter time frames for monitoring trade entries with the heatmap and our alert systems. Or you can set up all of the EUR pairs on the longer time frames like the D1 time frame to check the overall market for EUR strength or weakness.

Navigate quickly through the charts 7 charts at a time using the hotkeys on your keyboard. CTRL and F5 button simultaneously to move forward and Shift and F5 keyboard to move backwards. You can set up each currency group of 7 pairs in one MT4 profile, then name the profile. Repeat the process for all 8 currencies we trade: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD and NZD pairs. This is the best, most professional, and profitable forex chart setup in the forex trading industry. Traders will always understand why a group of pairs is moving up or down and what currencies are moging the market, while avoiding technical indicators, which are ineffective.

We also have 2 more videos titled “Fine Tuning Your Forex Trade Entries” in our Youtube library. These videos expand the discussion on the Metatrader profiles and their importance to your trade entries and individual currency or overall market analysis technique.

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