Forex Audio Book, MP3 Library

Here is our free forex audio book and training library for all forex traders and our clients to listen to online on their computer or mobile device or download for free. This audio book is in MP3 format. We have two audio books, the first book is the audio book version of our beginners course, this is 13 audios.

The next group of audios is our 35 forex lessons. Reviewing these audios has been known to improve the learning curve and make it easier for traders to understand our daily trading plans, live trading signals, money management, and all of the details related to our complete trading system. These MP3s are like an audio book that is read back to you in unabridged CD quality 128 kbps

Forex Audio Book, MP3 Library
Forex Audio Book, MP3 Library

We have illustrated articles to accompany each audio, click on these links to see the forex trading course for beginners and our forex lessons illustrated articles. Beacuse our illustrated articles are such high quality, we feel like this is the best forex trading audio book available.

Traders can follow along and view the written text and images while listening to the audio. The content of the beginners course and lessons is the same as the written articles, our online videos, and audios, but the audio library is presented for traders who prefer the audio format. Listeners can click on the 3 Dot menu on each audio to download to your computer.

Beginners Course Audios

Can I Become A Forex Trader?
Forex Market Trading Online
Forex Trading Systems, Strategy Comparisons
Forex Charting Systems And Indicators
Forex Demo Account, Practice Risk Free
Forex Risk Management Strategies
Forex Broker Selection
Currency Exchange Transactions
Retail Forex Trading Industry
Forex Trading Business Plan
Forex Trading System That Works
How To Get Funding For Your Forex Trading Account

35 Lessons Audios

Lesson 1 – Retail Forex Trading
Lesson 2 – Forex Training For Trend Traders and Day Traders
Lesson 3 – Forex Broker Selection, List of Criteria
Lesson 4 -Range Trading Strategy For 28 Forex Pairs
Lesson 5 – Forex News, Part of a Complete Trading System
Lesson 6 – What Is Forexearlywarning?
Lesson 7 – Forex Tips And Strategies

Lesson 8 – Forex Analysis With Parallel and Inverse Pairs
Lesson 9 – Forex Reversals, How To Spot And Trade
Lesson 10 – Forex Support and Resistance and Price Alerts
Lesson 11 – Multiple Time Frame analysis
Lesson 12 – Forex Trend Indicators
Lesson 13 – Forex Major Pairs, Currency Pair Characteristics
Lesson 14 – Forex Session Times, Best Times To Trade The Forex
Lesson 15 – Forex Heat MapĀ®, How To Use For Trade Entries
Lesson 16 – Forex Alert Systems, Monitoring The Market
Lesson 17 – Instructions For Using The Trading Plans
Lesson 18 – Foreign Currency Transactions
Lesson 19 – Forex Chart Patterns
Lesson 20 – Understanding Currency Correlations
Lesson 21 – Forex Trading Styles, Scalping, Intraday, Swing, Position
Lesson 22 – Supplemental Forex Trades
Lesson 23 – Choppy Forex Market, How to trade
Lesson 24 – The Domino Effect
Lesson 25 – Rules Based Forex Trading For Accurate Entries
Lesson 26 – Forex Trading Journal, How To Create
Lesson 27 – Exotic Currency Pairs
Lesson 28 – Forex Trade Entry Points
Lesson 29 – Forex Money Management
Lesson 30 – Forex Profits, Maximizing By Scaling Out Lots
Lesson 31 – Forex Fundamental Analysis
Lesson 32 – Forex Trading Plan Preparation, A Complete Guide.
Lesson 33 – Forex Trade Setups
Lesson 34 – Forex IRA, Tax Deferred or Tax Free Roth
Lesson 35. Currency Options Basics
Lesson 35. Currency Options Basics

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