Forex Trading Signals CAD Weakness 8-22-2016

Today in forex trading the GBP/CAD and NZD/CAD moved higher on CAD (Canadian Dollar) weakness. The GBP/CAD should continue higher on the H4 and possibly D1 time frames, but the major trend on this pair is down on the MN time frame. The GBP/CAD still has upside potential going forward for 1 or 2 two days. The NZD/CAD moved higher but this pair is inside of various levels of resistance, for that reason we would scale out lots or exit this trade. The trading signals for the CAD pairs is shown below from The Forex Heatmap®, along with the price chart movement. The heatmap provides trading signals for 28 currency pairs and can be used for day trading or entering new or existing trends on the higher time frames.

GBP/CAD Price Chart Movement 8-22-2016

GBP/CAD Chart Movement 8-22-2016

CAD Weakness 8-22-2016

CAD Weakness 8-22-2016

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