How To Set Forex Price Alerts

This video will show forex traders how to set audible forex price alerts on the metatrader charting platform. Price alerts are versatile and we can show traders how to use price alerts 3 different ways: You can monitor any currency pair for a price breakouts in the direction of the trend, price breakouts in either direction using straddle alerts (two alerts on the same pair), and also for monitoring price targets for profit taking.

First, a trader should locate a trend on the larger time frames for a trend continuations or breakout points.  Then you locate the breakout point on the short term support or resistance levels on the smaller time frames, like the M5 and M15 intraday time frames. Next, traders can set an audible forex price alerts at the short term levels to intercept the next price movement.

Then the video will illustrate the mechanics of setting the price alerts for any pair. When the audible price in the alert is hit, the audible alert will notify you of the price breach on your desktop with an audible alarm, and these alerts can also can also be delivered by email to your email box or mobile device. Then you can check The Forex Heatmap® forex heatmap to verify the trade entry.

This is one of our alert systems, we have several professional live forex alert systems so you always know when the forex market is moving.

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