Trend Indicators For Individual Currencies

In this video we will show traders how to set up our trend indicators for individual currencies. With this chart setup you view one pair at a time then click/navigate horizontally. Each group of 7 pairs is grouped together side by side.

For example you can set up the USD pairs all grouped together on your screen so you can see all of the USD pairs grouped together. Since the USD pairs are side-by-side, investigating the condition of the USD becomes much easier and keyboard/mouse navigation is easier. Then repeat this process for 8 currencies, 28 pairs total.

Determining what currencies are strong or weak and consistent based on the trends of the market becomes easier.   By setting up your trend charts this way, traders can group pairs together by individual currencies to match the eight currency groups on The Forex Heatmap® or our market analysis spreadsheet.

Here is an example: If the EUR is consistently strengthening in real time on the The Forex Heatmap® forex heatmap , then all of the EUR pairs will be grouped together in your charts also, for consistency. Conversely if you are analyzing the EUR pairs on the charts they will all be grouped together, just like the heatmap, once again for consistent analysis of one currency. This way your charts are set up to where the chart analytical method matches you trade entry system and is consistent. You can use these individual currency concepts to prepare trading plans based on individual currencies all trending in the same direction across multiple pairs, and it works for all 8 currencies we follow.

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