Trend Indicators Setup For 28 Currency Pairs

This video will show traders how to set up our free forex trend indicators on any charting platform. Traders can use these indicators for multiple time frame analysis to analyze 28 currency pairs across the 8 different currencies we track every day. You can also use these trend indicators to follow our trading plans and the trends of the forex market. This is our “basic” trend indicator setup, some of our other videos will give you options for using the features and templates in the Metatrader charting platform that also fit our trading system.

This video is only 4 minutes and will show you how to set up one pair, then you can duplicate the procedure for all 28 pairs. The setup is for the Metatrader MT4 charting platform using the basic chart window, open, high, low, close barcharts and 5/12 exponential moving averages. It will show you the color settings and how to zoom and magnify the barcharts for better spacing and visibility. Using this procedure you should be able to set up 28 pairs in about 20 – 30 minutes.  We also have a set written instructions for setting up these exponential moving averages for our trading system, just click on the link.

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