Forex Trading System That Works, Complete For 28 Pairs

A forex trading system that works and is effective at making pips on a consistent basis is actually quite elusive. Forex traders struggle, sometime for years, and never see or come into contact with a complete trading system. These traders don’t know what a complete trading system even looks like. We only know of one complete trading system. In this article we will explain what the components are of a complete forex trading system. Plus, we will show you one trading system that is complete and ready to use.

Components of a Forex Trading System

A complete forex trading system should have all of these components: The system should work on any pair. If you trade only one pair like the EUR/USD it should work the same way for this pair, or any other pair. The system should be able to accurately analyze any pair, any individual currency or the whole forex market. The system should be effective in trending or ranging markets. Specific and accurate entry point criteria and written rules for trade entries should be provided. Options for managing  live trades, money management, and stops should be provided for the life cycle of any trade.

How many trading systems have you seen that have all of this included ? We only know of one. Many forex traders have a few standard technical indicators on their screen and the call it a trading system. These are not trading systems at all.

Searching For A Forex Trading System

If you are searching the web for a good forex trading system, you will be very disappointed. If you do find a system that you like, make sure it has all of the components listed above, otherwise the system is incomplete. One possibility is to design your own trading system. With the proper knowledge you can do this, it will be a lengthy process but it can work. Another option is to take an existing system and use it right off of the shelf.

If a trader does find a forex trading system they like, they should make sure that all of the  details and documentation of the trading system are provided, so they can be reviewed by the end user. This would include any manual trading system or any automated system. Also the cost of the system should be known.

Forexearlywarning Trading System

We believe the Forexearlywarning trading system is a system that works well for most end users. It works for 28 pairs and the documentation is full and complete for anyone to see the logic and details. The trading system is a trend based system, using the higher time frames and simple trend indicators. The system points you to the correct pair to trade with our entry management system, The Forex Heatmap®,  and an example signal is shown below for the AUD (Australian Dollar) pairs.

Setting and moving stop orders along with other good money management procedures are spelled out clearly. Traders can easily compare this forex trading system to any other system, or any indicator set. We cannot find any trading systems that come close in quality and we cannot find any complete trading systems at all besides this one when searching the web.

The system uses proven techniques like multiple time frame analysis and parallel and inverse analysis. We prepare daily trading plans and show traders how prepare plans on their own.  We set audible price alerts and also set price targets based on support and resistance levels. This is a complete trading system, with all system documentation on our website.

One of the most difficult part of forex trading is knowing what pair to trade and when. Our simple trade entry management system, The Forex Heatmap® forex heatmap, is shown below for the AUD pairs. Based on AUD strength the heatmap says to buy the AUD/USD or sell the EUR/AUD.  Having this real time guidance as part of the overall trading system allows for your trade entries to be profitable with much better money management. If the AUD/USD is also in an uptrend, even more pips are possible for as long as the trend lasts.

Forex Trading System

Forex Trading System

Forex Trading System AUD/USD

Forex Trading System AUD/USD

What To Do After You Find  A Trading System

If you find a great forex trading system, or one you like a lot that is logical and easy to work with, the task of becoming a successful traders has just started. You must study the system documentation well, demo trade the system for a while to see if it suits your schedule, expectations, etc. If you cannot make any pips doing this then the system is of limited value or no value to you, even though the system itself works well. If you locate a forex trading system you like, make sure the system works for you.

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