Topstep, the5ers, FTMO: Best Trading Strategy To Get Funding

Forex traders who are considering getting a funded forex trading account from Topstep, the5ers, FTMO, or any other forex funding provider, will need a trading system or strategy. In this article we will show traders a low drawdown trading strategy which will help them qualify for a funded forex account. This low drawdown trading system will work with with the top three forex account funding providers, or any other funding provider.

Topstep, the5ers, FTMO Do Not Provide A Trading Strategy

Topstep, the5ers, FTMO, and other funding providers leave the trading style entirely up to the trader. Most forex traders are familiar with things like fundamental forex trading, news trading, and the use of technical analysis indicators.

We are proposing that traders seeking funding use a much better trading system, with low drawdown, to match the funding providers drawdown parameters. This is a trend based trend based trading with much more accurate, low drawdown trade entries. Forex funding providers like Topstep, the5ers, FTMO all have drawdown limits, so a low drawdown trading system will work well at getting traders a funded forex account.

All forex funding providers have different leverages, payout percentages % and drawdown limits. When attempting to qualify for funding or trading a funded account, the funding providers have written daily and weekly drawdown rules that must be met to get account funding. The drawdown percentages vary widely, between 1% and 10%. So accurate trade entries are necessary to meet the funding providers rules.

What Is The Best Trading Strategy to Get Forex Funding

If you are looking for a trading system, trading strategy or style to help you get funding for your trading account, we can offer you a great option with the Forexearlywarning system. Traders need to seek out and identify a profitable strategy before they seek funding, then demo trade their strategy and system. Forex traders who are interested in a rules based trading system will like Forexearlywarning.

The Forexearlywarning trading system is a trend based trading system. The system uses some simple trend indicators applied across multiple time frames, and we also use support and resistance levels for price breakouts and targets. We use real time indicators to assist with trade entries.

The system and strategy we use is for daytrading, or trade entries into the trend for swing trading on the H4 time frame, as well as longer term positions. Trade entry points can be very low or nearly no drawdown. We have a specific set guidelines for trade entry points and timing.

Here is an example trade entry for the GBP/JPY or CAD/JPY. As you can see the JPY was weak on this trading day and our live signal system, The Forex Heatmap® forex heatmap , pointed traders to buys on these two pairs. The movements on all of the JPY pairs was strong. This is what forex traders need, clear signaling systems and strong movement cycles. This trading system works the same way for  same system works for 28 pairs and 8 currencies.

Topstep, the5ers, FTMO Trading Strategy

Topstep, the5ers, FTMO Trading Strategy

Topstep, the5ers, FTMO

Topstep, the5ers, FTMO

We also provide traders with the trend indicators you see in the lower image. Traders can use these exponential moving averages to group pairs by individual currency, like grouping all of the JPY pairs together. This single currency analysis will help all traders find more high probability trades. We can also show traders many more  forex trade entry examples for 28 pairs, including popular pairs like the EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

If you are a forex trader who is making comparisons beteen FTMO versus Topstep, or the5ers versus FTMO, etc., remember that whatever forex funding provider you decide to use you will still need to have a great forex trading system. We believe the Forexearlywarning trading system offers the best trading system and strategies for daytrading and swing trading the forex market. Check out our great article about how to get a funded forex account with more details about the Topstep, the5ers, FTMO funding programs.

Conclusions About Topstep, the5ers, FTMO trader funding programs: We believe these forex funding providers are providing a valuable service to forex traders to give traders access to funded forex trading accounts. But none of these funding providers provide traders with a trading system.  Forex traders need to trade accurately to qualify for a funded forex account. We believe the Forexearlywarning trading system is way ahead of most or all of the other trading systems we have seen at providing low drawdown trade entries and positive trades. The Forexearlywarning trading system should be part of any trader’s attempts to qualify for forex funding.

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