Forex Proprietary Trading Firms Are Providing Money To Traders Now

Forex proprietary trading firms, also refererred to as “prop trading” firms, provide third party funding to forex traders. Many forex traders want to obtain funds to trade with from third party prop trading firms to earn strong profit splits from them. All the traders have to do is demonstrate good forex trading skills. Forex proprietary trading forms are becoming more commonplace and the industry is growing.

There are about 15 forex proprietary trading firms now offering funding for forex traders. Any tader who has demonstrated profitable trading on a demo account, but is short of money to fund a live account, should consider contacting these firms about qualifying for funding. This would give any forex trader with good trading skills a chance to build a large trading account and share in the profits. The proprietary trading firm supplies the funding to a forex trader in a live account, then the firm shares the profits with the trader.

This market sector is growing. Any individual who enjoys forex trading and who can demonstrate good trading skills can become a fully funded forex trader.  Any forex trader who lacks funding can use the money provided by various third party proprietary trading firms, as well as some private entities and individuals who have set up funding programs. Proprietary forex trading has a bright future ahead and thouands of accounts are being funded for traders every year.

How Do I become A Forex Proprietary Trader

From the traders perspective, you must have a great forex trading system and be consistent with your trades. If you want to trade third party funds from a proprietary trading firm, there will be a qualification program and rules of money management to follow. But any traders who is successful at  demo trading is very likely to a be able to qualify for funding. Each forex proprietary trading firm has rules, so check them closely. Click on the link to a great illustrated article about getting  live trading capital and funding for your forex trading account from third party forex proprietary trading firms.

Having great trading skills, but not enough funds for a live trading account should not be a deterrent to success any longer. The proprietary firm providing the funding will provide you with the funds for your live forex trading account. So if you are a forex trader and you have a profitable forex trading system, but no funds to trade with, forex proprietary trading firms will provide you with capital to trade with and you can split the profits with them. It is like running your own miniature hedge fund.

Forex Proprietary Trading Firms

Forex Proprietary Trading Firms

Since the forex market is a leveraged market, at 50:1 or higher, it becomes feasible for the proprietary trading firm as well as the trader to provide lots of buying power. If a proprietary trading form provides a $5,000 account to a trader at 50:1 leverage, this is $250,000 in currency buying power. Many firms provide 100:1 leverge and up to $1,000,000 USD buying power, and it is easy to qualify for much more. Any forex trader is eligible for funding as long as they can demonstrate their trading skills. This opens up forex trading as a career for anyone.

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