Sample Forex Trading Plan

In this video we will use the JPY (Japanese Yen Pairs) to show how to build a sample forex trading plan for one group of currency pairs. These principles work for any group of pairs with one common currency. For the JPY pairs you would drill down the charts using multiple time frame analysis for the JPY pairs, AUD/JPY NZD/JPY, CAD/JPY, EUR/JPY, etc., all 7 JPY pairs total. In this example the long term trends are all pointing down, and the H4 and D1 time frames are reversing back down into the trend, so the charts show that JPY is strong and that the JPY pairs are dropping. Our trading plans for this day reflect the JPY strength. We issued sell plans for various JPY pairs along with the price alert points for traders to set audible alerts to detect the movement to the downside. When the alerts hit in the Asian session the JPY pairs are in an obvious sell off and our currency alert system also shows the sell off. This is a very safe way to trade the forex and this method works for any group of currency pairs, i.e., USD pairs, CHF pairs, NZD pairs, etc., for a total of 28 pairs. In this video we use the JPY pairs as a sample, then the same methods and techniques can be use for any group of currency pairs.

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