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If you are unable to login  If you cannot login to the members area of the website with your email and password and you have a valid subscription and you get this message:


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Here is one possible reason - You may have had several web browsers open and previously logged in on one of them and are now attempting to login again.  In this case wait 30 minutes and the system will log you out automatically for inactivity and then you can try to login again. If you use multiple browser windows when using the web or our website you must click on the "logout" button in the dark blue box in the members area and this will solve this problem.


Here is another possible reason - You are sharing your password with someone else, this is not allowed.


Here is another possible reason - Someone stole your password, if this is the case contact us by email at partners at forexearlywarning dot com and we can change it for you, or if you are able to login to your account later that day you can change your password yourself by logging in to the members area and clicking on "change password" in the dark blue members area box.


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